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Past and Upcoming Speeches

Topics to speak

  1. Islamic Invasion within America. Powerpoint presentation.
  2. The dangers of insidious growth of Islam in America.
  3. U.S. soft approach empowers the Muslim World.
  4. Iran’s Petroleum Sanction Act, only talk. Strait of Hormuz.
  5. History of Iranian Nuclear
  6. Iranian youth, the hope for peace in the region.
  7. Fear Islam, Sharia Law
  8. Escaping Islam

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Speeches made
Date                            Location
June 13, 2009              United Methodist Church, Temecula, CA
July 3, 2009                 Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly, Temecu Hills
Sept 21, 2009              Temecula Valley Republican Women, Temecula, CA
Oct. 21, 2009              Lake Canyon Republican Assembly, Lake Canyon, CA
Nov. 14, 2009              ACT Corona, CA
Dec. 17, 2009              Mid Empire Republican Assembly, Lake Manifee, CA
Jan. 12, 2010               ACT Mission Viejo Chapter, Mission Viejo
Jan. 15, 2010               Mid Empire Republican, Manifee, CA
Feb. 16, 2010              Speaking Friends of the Murrieta Library, Murrieta, CA
Feb. 16, 2010              Speaking ACT Culver City, Culver City, CA
Apr. 01, 2010              ACT Bakersfield, Ca
Apr. 08, 2010              Military Officer Association of America, San Diego, CA
Apr. 14, 2010              Balboa Bay Club Republican Women Federation, Newport Beach, CA
Apr. 16, 2010              Republican Women Federation, Tustin, CA
Apr. 22, 2010              Republican Women Federation, La Habra, CA
May 10, 2010              ACT Mission Viejo, CA
May 19, 2010              ACT San Fernando Valley,  Sherman Oaks, CA
June 24, 2010              Simi Hills, Christian Church, Simi Valley, CA
July 10, 2010               Southern California Republican women & Men, Burbank, CA
Aug. 14, 2010              ACT Corona, CA