Escaping Islam - Inside Jacket

The world remains confused, and lacks understanding regarding the culture of the Middle East. Escaping Islam is a provocative and timely story that is rich with historical events, giving the reader verbal exposure to the dangers brought about by Iran’s support of radical Muslim ideology.

Mano Bakh was a high ranking officer in Iran’s Imperial Navy when, in 1979, during the Islamic revolution, he miraculously escaped with his life. The harrowing experiences he was subjected to, currently exemplifies the free world’s necessity to deal with the ongoing aggressive Islamic movement, and the oil money that supports it. This living story begins with an introduction to Iran’s history and Persian customs. It continues by encompassing the development of OPEC, the amazing Khark Island oil project in the Persian Gulf, and relating the happy life of a young boy growing up in his grandmother’s house in Tehran. Tunnels connected the homes of the thirty two family members who enjoyed the daily ceremony of dining together around an antique Persian carpet, adorned with a white Sofreh, “table cloth,” while grandmother smoked her water pipe.

* * * * * * *

Mr. Bakh was born a Muslim, but became disenchanted with the religion whose mission was to kill or convert all who did not believe in the teachings of the Koran. His candid understanding of what happened to a country that was once America’s best friend and then turned into an Axis of Evil, will educate the reader as to why that Evil might not be realized until it is too late.

Joy, laughter, prosperity, hope and respect in Iran’s society, quickly changed to hate, revenge, misery and mourning!