Escaping Islam - Inside Jacket

A Must Read to understand this culture and how it affects all of us!,

We may all have crossed paths with Iranians, and we may read the paper daily to see the Muslim conflicts around the world. This book helps us understand what is really at the heart of these issues, how once again religious fervor is misused and becomes something truly evil. There is nothing like a personal story and perspective to help us all understand and perhaps combat the forces and "traps" which are at work even now to destroy the good works being done in other cultures and faiths around the world.. . .and they are not as far away from our own backyard as we may think! This book is a riveting account of a religion "gone bad" when distorted by those who would set out to destroy the freedoms that so many take for granted.
Reviews Written by
Gigi "avid historian"  (Austin,TX)

This is a well-written and compelling story; the tension of the flight from Tehran was gripping, the emotion of leaving your relatives behind was intense, and your explanation of the religious problems behind the politics in the Middle East was very clear.
Joseph Fatton, Editor

"I just finished the book. What a terrifying ordeal! But I must say, it was written so well, in that I felt I was there myself. As I read, my anxiety level soared. Wow."
Laura Salveson

"Your writing makes any reader feel as if they too are in the midst of the turmoil of the crowds, feel the fright in your heart at the airport, and the pain of leaving not only your country, but a dream of greatness for Iran, that is now on hold."
Ann Delp